Unincorporated islands are pockets of County territory that are surrounded or adjacent to cities.  The residents in these islands receive their services from the County.  Currently, there are 33 unincorporated islands located in or adjacent to 18 different cities in Orange County.

In June 2000, the Commission initiated the Unincorporated Island Program as part of its Strategic Plan.  The program has resulted in the successful annexation of 43 unincorporated islands.  The Program has been very successful in diminishing the number of unincorporated islands and will continue to be successful for the remaining islands.   This webpage provides island location maps, island site photos and 2015 Census demographic and service data.

To get started, click on the “Island” link below and access the county-wide islands map, island-specific demographics, and service data.  In addition, there is information on legislation impacting unincorporated island annexations, an inventory of successful island annexations, an inventory of island annexation opportunities, and an explanation of how property taxes are divided between cities and the County when annexations occur.

Unincorporated Islands Map

Click the map above to begin exploring the demographic, fiscal, and service characteristics of Orange County’s unincorporated islands

A brief history of legislation impacting small island annexations, and a
summary of OC LAFCO’s successes and challenges with Orange County’s small
islands since 2000.

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An inventory of both small and large unincorporated islands in
Orange County which have been successfully annexed since 2000.

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An inventory of the remaining unincorporated islands within
Orange County.

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An explanation of how property taxes are calculated, and a
brief summary of the impact of Proposition 13 on adjustments to the property
tax rate in California.

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An explanation of how property taxes are divided between the County, cities and
other agencies when territory is annexed.

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The workshop was designed to provide the residents an opportunity to learn about the annexation process, to ask questions, and to provide feedback