Sphere of Influence Maps

City and special district spheres of influence define the probable physical boundaries and service area of a local agency, as determined by the Commission (Government Code Section 56076).  The law requires that spheres be updated at least once every five years either concurrently or subsequently to the preparation of Municipal Service Reviews.  Spheres are determined and amended solely at the discretion of the Commission.

In determining the sphere of influence for each local agency, the Commission is required by Government Code Section 56425(e) to consider certain factors, including:

  • The present and planned uses in the area, including agricultural and open-space lands;
  • The present and probable need for public facilities and services in the area;
  • The present capacity of public facilities and adequacy of public services that the agency provides or is authorized to provide;
City Incorporations
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  • The existence of any social or economic communities of interest in the area if the commission determines that they are relevant to the agency; and
  • For an update of a sphere of influence of a city or special district that provides public facilities or services related to sewers, municipal and industrial water, or structural fire protection, that occurs pursuant to subdivision (g) on or after July 1, 2012, the present and probable need for those public facilities and services of any disadvantaged unincorporated communities within the existing sphere of influence.

The following section provides the sphere of influence maps for the 35 districts in Orange County.