Mission Statement

LAFCO serves the citizens of Orange County by facilitating constructive changes in governmental structure and boundaries through special studies, programs, and actions that resolve intergovernmental issues, by fostering orderly development and governance, and by promoting the efficient delivery of services. LAFCO also serves as a resource for local governments and citizens by providing a structure for sharing information among stakeholders in Orange County.

– OC LAFCO Commission

Organizational Goals

At the Strategic Planning Session of March, 2016, the Commission reviewed and updated the OC LAFCO organizational goals. These organizational goals serve as a foundation for the Commission in setting policy guidelines and completing the projects and activities identified in the annual Work Plans:

Statutory and Commission-Initiated Mandates

Carry out the legislative purpose of LAFCO to encourage efficient municipal services and orderly formation and development of local agencies, through the annexation of areas to adjacent cities and special districts and conducting of Municipal Service Reviews and other studies.

Outreach and External Relations

Through the leadership of executive staff, foster the development of collaborative relationships among the executive staff of Orange County’s local and regional agencies and organizations that support efforts to collectively address common challenges and the roles of each agency in the planning and shaping of Orange County’s infrastructure.

Legislative Advocacy

Support legislation that enhances LAFCO authority and powers to perform the duties mandated by the California Legislature and that recognizes the Commission’s authority to establish policies based on local needs and conditions relative to Orange County.

Internal Efficiency

Maintain internal efficiencies that support OC LAFCO’s organizational effectiveness that meet statutory requirements and include proactive outreach to our funding agencies and the public within the adopted budget.