A Disadvantaged Unincorporated Community (DUC) is defined as an area of inhabited territory located within an unincorporated area of a County in which the annual median household income is less than 80 percent of the statewide median household income.  State law considers an area with 12 or more registered voters to be an inhabited territory.

On January 1, 2012, the provisions of Senate Bill 244 (Wolk), which establishes a number of regulations and requirements related to DUCs, went into effect.   The elements of the bill that impact LAFCO operations and authority have been codified into two sections of State Law.  Government Code Section 56375(a)(8) affects proposals to LAFCO to annex unincorporated territory into cities.  This provision of the law imposes restrictions on the approval of city annexations greater than 10 acres where there is a DUC contiguous to the area of the proposed annexation.  With some exceptions, LAFCO is prohibited from approving such an annexation unless an application to annex the DUC has also been filed.

Government Code Section 56425(e)(5)-impacts any proposal to update, amend, or change a Sphere of Influence (SOI) involving sewers, municipal and industrial water, or structural fire protection.  For these proposals, LAFCO is required to consider the need for these services by DUCs within the agency’s SOI.

OC LAFCO maintains maps of all DUCs in Orange County which is available through the link below.   These maps, which were updated in May 2016, are based upon data obtained from the 2010-14 American Communities Survey.   If your proposal includes an annexation to a city, or an SOI update that involves sewers, municipal and industrial water, or structural fire protection, you should consult these maps prior to filing an application with LAFCO.