The Orange County LAFCO is composed of seven voting members, with four alternate members who vote only in the absence of a voting member. The seven members and their alternates represent all levels of local government. Two members are elected county supervisors and are appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Two members are elected city council members and are appointed by the City Selection Committee. Two members are elected members of a special district board of directors and are appointed by the Special Districts Selection Committee. These six elected officials appoint a “public” member who is not affiliated with county, city, or special district governments. Alternate members for the county, city, special district, and public categories are appointed in the same manner. Each of the commissioners serves a four-year term.

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LAFCO Commissioners receive $100 stipends each meeting (regular or special). The number of meetings cannot exceed two per month or maximum compensation of $200 per month.
(Orange County LAFCO Bylaws Article 3 Section 1.18)

Derek J. McGregor, Chairman
Public Member

Commissioner Derek J. McGregor, Chariman
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Allan Bernstein, Vice Chair

Commissioner Allan Bernstein
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Orange County Board of Supervisors

Lisa Bartlett

Commissioner Lisa Bartlett
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Todd Spitzer

Commissioner Todd Spizter
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Andrew Do

Commissioner Andrew Do
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Orange County City Councilmembers

Cheryl Brothers

Commissioner Cheryl Brothers
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Wendy Bucknum

Commissioner Wendy Bucknum, Alternate
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Orange County Special Districts

Charley Wilson

Commissioner Charley Wilson
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John Withers

Commissioner John Withers
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James Fisler

Commissioner James Fisler, Alternate
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Orange County Public Members

Kathryn Freshley

Commissioner Kathryn Freshley, Alternate
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